Project Supremacy PSv3 Review

I thought it was only fair to share my experiences with the Project Supremacy PSv3 SEO software. As of writing this post, I have been using it for almost 10 months and I am still learning about new features available. PSv3 really does offer so much and it will definitely enhance your overall experience.

Recently, the creators did a 4 days webinar showcase (8 hours in total) and for the purposes of this review, I am going to share those videos so you can see the power of the software.

Is Project Supremacy PSv3 The Best SEO Tool for WordPress?

In the many years that I have been building WordPress websites, I have tried almost all of the WordPress SEO Tools:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO
  • SEO Framework

I will be honest, each of the plugins that I have mentioned above offers their own unique features but as an all in one SEO plugin, PSv3 does offer a lot more.

Once you understand and use all the features that Project Supremacy provide, you will see an improvement in your website optimisation in Google with the websites that use PSv3.

If you wanted the 4 webinars, you will have a damn good idea of how powerful Project Supremacy PSv3 is and how it can help you as an SEO provider and also as a website designer.

PSv3 Website Management

Google Drive BackupIf you have 1 website or manage 300 websites, making sure they are always running at 100 is the number 1 goal. With PSv3, there is so much functionality which makes managing and updating your websites as easy as pie.

There are other websites management tools out there and truth of the matter but they are a stand-alone product.

While they offer the same services as each other, your website management tool is part of your dashboard. You are able to do everything from one simple dashboard.

One massive feature that I absolutely love about Project Supremacy v3 is the website backup feature. PSv3 will backup your website automatically once you have synced it to your preferred storage.

Personally, I use Google drive but you have the option of backing up your websites to Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, FTP and One Drive.

PSv3 Schema Markup

This is one of my favourite features of Project Supremacy is the schema markup. Adding Schema to a website will increase your rankings in Google. It is not a myth but a fact proven by many of the best SEO experts in the world.

The beauty of PSv3 is you get the full schema markup. Whatever kind of schema you are looking for it is available for you to use.

As a local business SEO, PSv3 offers me all the schema markup I will need to optimise a business. It is not only simple but very effective and your clients will love it.

A goal that I set for every website that I optimise is to get the stars to appear in Google search results.

Schema Stars

The reason why I always try to get “stars” in Google is that it is proven to enhance the number of visitors to the website and part of the job of an SEO is to get visitors onto the website and it looks blady good.

Is Project Supremacy PSv3 For You?

Project Supremacy PSv3Project Supremacy PSv3 is far more than just an SEO plugin which you just install and do your on-page SEO. It goes far deeper into getting your website ranking in Google but it does take some learning to get the most out of the software.

PSv3 is not an SEO plugin but an all in one SEO software that will make your life so much easier.

Now, I am not trying to put you off when I say it will take some learning, that is a fact but you will not be left to learn by yourself. There are Facebook groups that are filled with like-minded users who will help answer your questions and the guys on customer service/tech are excellent. I personally still speak to them when I am having an issue with one of the features of PSv3.

To answer is PSv3 the SEO software for you, YES it is.

If you have the time to invest in this software, you will start to use a software that will help you rank websites on Google with ease, you will be able to manage all your websites with ease, you will be able to add schema to your website with per page schema and automatically back up all your websites with ease.

Did you notice, everything will be done with ease which will make your life better.

How I Use PSv3 For Client SEO

Every good website designer or SEO’er should be optimising the website with an SEO plugin. This will allow that website to appear in the search results for specific keywords. Where PSv3 stands out is with you can add the local schema, this has been mentioned above.

What makes Project Supremacy stand out is you can hide the plugin’s dashboard from the website owner. The reason why this is a great tool is you prevent the website owner from editing or changing the settings you have used.

What is even more powerful is you can remotely deactivate the plugin from the client’s website when they decide they don’t want to keep paying for your services. By removing the PSv3 plugin, you will be removing the local schema which will, in turn, drop their rankings in Google and other search engines.

After a little while the client will come back to you because of their dropped rankings and re-hire you and it will be as simple as re-activating the PSv3 plugin on their website.

This is just one way how Project Supremacy can help you with your clients.

This has been my review of Project Supremacy and their PSv3 SEO Software. If you have some questions regarding PSv3, drop me an email and I will be happy to help answer any question you may have.

Craig R

5.0 Rating From 4 Reviews.
on 16, Nov 2017
Yes man, I need this. When is this available? Please keep us posted.
Jonny K
Unreal review
on 13, Feb 2018
Love full and honest reviews!! Thanks
from Edmonton
on 12, Nov 2017
I could really do with this. Do you know when it will be available to the public? If you can share an update when you know.
on 12, Nov 2017
Craig, can you let me know when you have a link for PSv3. I would like to get it ASAP. Cheers
Jerry Mac

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