The weekend was spent building a new Rank & Rent website. All that is left… get it ranking in Google!

The past weekend was a very productive as weekends go, I was able to design and build a new website that is going to be used as a lead generation source for a local business.

The really positive aspect for me is there was nothing that slowed me down, the whole website including design and content creation was seamless.

Now all that is needed is to get it ranking in Google and the other search engines.

What is a Rank & Rent website?

The idea of “Rank & Rent websites” is passive income. The goal for myself and many online marketers is to build passive income revenue streams and Rank and Rent is one aspect.

The Idea of Rank & Rent is a 4 step process:

Step 1: Research a niche and a location (eg: Plumbers in London)

Step 2: Build a website

Step 3: Rank your website on the search engines

Step 4: Rent the website to a local business

Time to get this website found on Google

Personally, this is my favourite aspect of working online. The challenge of being able to rank a website (especially a new website) in Google and other search engines for competitive keywords and phrases.

With search engines optimization (SEO), there are many different aspects that need to be checked off and most of them have to be done in a certain order to get the desired effect.

An added game changer with a new website/domain is you can not be too aggressive with offsite SEO.

Offsite SEO refers to actions you can take to promote your website on the internet.

If you are too aggressive, the search engines will pick up the sudden influx of 100’s & 1000’s of inbound links and give you an instant penalty. This is something you do not want to get on your website.

Some SEO’s will spend time getting a penalty removed from a domain, I won’t. I will always advise 100% of the time to bin your existing domain and start again. It is not worth the battle.

Getting this website to Page 1 of Google

The goal of every rank & rent website that I build is to get the website onto the first page of all search engines as quickly as I can but also slow enough not to get caught. 

Link building has begun today and links will slowly be built and quicken up as the weeks go by. 

In the meantime, there is an easier way to get onto the first page of Google and that is getting a business profile on Google Maps into the maps pack that are displayed for local keyword searches.

Dominating the Google Maps

The biggest misconception with local businesses is all you need to do is create a profile and get verified with a postcard and you will be listed on the first page of Google.

Google is all about showing the best content to the searcher based on the search query. Getting onto the first page with the maps section is about showing Google that your business:

  • Website structure
  • Website content
  • N.A.P
  • Citations & Citation Sources
  • Geo relevance
  • Schema
  • and more…

The Journey has just begun

Everything you do should be a challenge and there is a challenge for this rank & rent website:

  • Can you do it better than the last
  • Can you do it quicker than the last

To get the best results in the search engines, it is about the preparation you put into the work that has to be done. It is something that I feel everyone should know and it will be something that will be shared on this site in 2018.

As this rank and rent website is new, I can not report on anything positive yet other than the website looks great. 

Later on, you will be getting updates on the actual techniques used to get the website ranking in Google search results and also Google Maps.

Most of the techniques I will be using to get this website ranking in Google have been mentioned before on RileyX

Would you be interested in a complete guide to rank & rent websites?

5/5 Rating From 1 Reviews.
Yes Please
on 11, Dec 2017
Craig, I would be very interested in reading your rank and rent guide. I do have a question, Do you only build websites with Wordpress?
from Cape Town

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