Junior TFZ fishing competition held at Olive Beadle

I was fortunate to be at the junior TFZ fishing competition held on the weekend of 12 & 13 of August 2018.

I was there not as a parent but to assist and help where I could for the families I was with. Believe it or not but being stuck on a boat from 6.30 am to 5 pm is quite taxing with young children and this is where I came in.

Over the years, I have participated in a few fishing competitions ranging from the senior TFZ fishing competition to the Toyota all species fishing competition.

Well organised event

Take a kid fishingI was really impressed by this event, the organised, helpers and sponsors went all out to give the children a great competition.

The whole event is to inspire children to get into fishing and a big part of that is catching fish and I believe they did just that.

Now August time is not the best time of the year for catching Tigerfish (the main fish of the competition), so all the parents did exchange what they found to be working prior to the start of the competition to assist with each and every child to catch a fish.

At the end of the day, it is for the children and what is a fishing competition without catching a fish!

trolling for Tigerfish

Trolling for Tigerfish

August time of the year is not known for its great fishing, so the best technique to catch Tigerfish (the main fish species of the tournament) is trolling.

Now trolling is not the most exciting form of fishing as all you do is hold your rod while you drive up and down your stretch of the river but with trolling you will catch bigger tigerfish.

Deciding what lure to use is one of the hardest aspects of this type of fishing. What colours to use, what depth to go down and the truth of it all, it is a case of trial and error.

When you got bites on a certain lure you would change all your rods to the same colour/type to test the theory.

The majority of boats at the Junior TFZ competition used this technique.

fish eagle

Fish Eagle: Catch & Release

The day before the competition started, we were out testing lures to see what is working and what is not. Very early on in the morning (8.30 am) one of the fishermen was spinning with a top lure while the other two were holding onto the trolling rods.

After a few casts, we noticed a fish eagle fly over us and we thought nothing of it as they are a common sighting along the Zambezi river.

On the very next cast as soon as the lure had landed on the water this fish eagle swooped down and picked up the lure and started to fly away. Obviously not a happy sight, we hoped the eagle would drop the lure and more on. This was not the case…

After a few power flaps of the wings, the eagle landed in the water as he could not get away from the lure. We had caught a Fish Eagle.

We slowly brought the eagle to the boat so we could release the bird. The video below is what happened when the bird was near the boat.

Junior TFZ Fishing Competition 2018 Results

Junior TFZ 2018 Sponsors

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