What a mad 3 hours listen to these two gents

I have known about Joe Rogan for a number of years, I have watched him on TV but I had no idea he had a massive podcast, where have I been hiding.

I saw a post on Facebook about Joe Rogan and that led me to Youtube and then realised he does these epic video podcasts and he has over 900 videos some over 3 hours.

I decided I will listen to one and I saw Dan Blizerian and thought, why not.

One story on the podcast was how Dan had two heart attacks which is crazy and he tells it in his cartoon.

This is one hectic story…

How mad is that story? Dan really does have the life…

If you have 3 hours to spare or you are interested in listening to something really funny while you are working. Hit play on the video and turn the volume up.

Based on this video with Joe and Dan, I have now subscribed to the channel and I am going to slowly go through the series and see what other interesting videos & stories I can find.Â

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