One of the best freshwater fighting fish, the Tigerfish and there is no better place to catch them than Barotse, Zambia.

Following a great trip fishing in Spain, I have found myself looking for other fishing adventures around the world. I thought I would start close to my home country and this has led me to Barotse Floodplains.

The target fish species is the mighty Tigerfish.

Found only in freshwater rivers in Africa, it is considered Africa’s equivalent of the South America piranha (even though there is no species relation).

Razor sharp teeth, muscular streamlined bodies and aggressive, the tigerfish is at the top of the food chain.

Tiger Fishing in Barotse

I have only known about Barotse as a fishing destination for the past five years and since finding it, it has been added to my adventures bucket list.

I follow a particular fishing outfit in Barotse and they have made a fantastic name for themselves and it is who I would go with when I plan my fishing trip.

The company is Angle Zambia. They started their Barotse fishing camp in 2008 and have gone from strength to strength, with anglers from around the world coming to try their hand with the tigerfish.

They are the #1 fishing camp in Barotse!

Follow their Facebook Page and you will see that their customers are constantly catching +20 lbs tigerfish. That is 20 lbs of pure muscle that will give you one hell of a fight.

Not just about the fish but the experience

The Barotse floodplains are one of the best fishing spots along the Zambezi river and one of the main reasons is the remoteness.

It is not a case of jumping in a truck and heading down for a weekend fishing, the road to Barotse is filled with un-managed roads where only a Landcruiser will do.

The preferred method of travel to Barotse is by air. Being so hard to get too and too expensive for most, the limited amount of outsiders allows this stretch of water to remain rustic and allows you to have an authentic fishing safari experience.

5 Star Accommodation

There are two types of fishing safaris, sleeping rough and being looked after. I am happy to say that you are taken care of when you fish with Angle Zambia.

Luxury tented accommodation, entertainment areas, dedicated chefs to take care of your meals and while you are not fishing you are taken care of.

This is one of the reasons why they are booked up so far in advance, great fishing while enjoying the African bush. It really complete’s the whole fishing experience.

Are you a fisherman?

If you are a fisherman and the thrill of the fight is what drives you then you need to really think about visiting Barotse. I mean there is really no better fish.

I am secretly planning my trip and I think you should consider it as well, only if you are a true fisherman of course 🙂

Visit their website Angle Zambia and also like their Facebook page.

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Seriously, what do you think of Barotse and the tigerfish? Would you go…?

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