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How to Get Started with Bitcoin in 3 Easy Steps

Late to the game but I am now in the crypto race. Time to start earning with Bitcoin! 2017 has been one hell of a year for Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies in general. I am 100% sure you have seen someone sharing posts on Facebook about Bitcoin and how it is escalating in...

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Barotse Tiger Fishing

One of the best freshwater fighting fish, the Tigerfish and there is no better place to catch them than Barotse, Zambia. Following a great trip fishing in Spain, I have found myself looking for other fishing adventures around the world. I thought I would start close...

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Cat Fishing on the Ebro River, Spain

The only reason you go fishing in Mequinenza, Spain is to catch the big one, we broke the Ebro River. 241 lbs Catfish in the bag! If you are not aware, the Wels Catfish is not native to Spain, they were introduced by a German angler, Rio Segre. He believed that the...

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