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Joe Rogan Experience with Dan Bilzerian

What a mad 3 hours listen to these two gents I have known about Joe Rogan for a number of years, I have watched him on TV but I had no idea he had a massive podcast, where have I been hiding.  I saw a post on Facebook about Joe Rogan and that led me to Youtube and...

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New Rank & Rent Website

The weekend was spent building a new Rank & Rent website. All that is left... get it ranking in Google! The past weekend was a very productive as weekends go, I was able to design and build a new website that is going to be used as a lead generation source for a local...

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How to Get Started with Bitcoin in 3 Easy Steps

Late to the game but I am now in the crypto race. Time to start earning with Bitcoin! 2017 has been one hell of a year for Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies in general. I am 100% sure you have seen someone sharing posts on Facebook about Bitcoin and how it is escalating in...

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